Regulation Urban Trail Luxembourg 2020






Basic rulesRespect


the other - The respect of oneself and others does not allow any form of cheating (non-respect of the course, use of doping substances etc.). Checks will be made at several places on the course. Participants must also respect the volunteers, the organization and the partners who organize or help the organization for fun. Finally, we must not forget the respect of the local population hosting this event.Respect the environment - Each participant is asked to pay particular attention to respect the environment and to use the bins placed at his disposal at the start, at the finish and at the refueling points. It is obviously forbidden to throw paper and other garbage on the course. In case of non-respect of the environment, the organization reserves the right to disqualify the non-respectful participant.It is strongly recommended to use public transport, carpooling and cycling to get around before and after the race.Respect the rules of the road - The rules of the Traffic Laws are scrupulously respected throughout the course. Participants must obey the provisions of police officers who ensure their safety. They do not have priority when crossing a road!



Maximum number of runners


The maximum number of registrations for 2020 is limited to 4,000 registrations to avoid traffic jams. The first 4,000 registrations after payment will be taken into account, including the free registrations to be won by clicking on the website on the logos of the sponsors.Distribution of available registrations:                                 400   entries course   34 km "La Grand-Ducale"                                                                                                                 450   entries course   27 km "Le trail des forts"                                                                                                               1200 entries course   18 km "Dans les pas de Mélusine"                                                                                            1800 entries course   13 km "Les Traces de Vauban"                                                                                                       Registration for children races 6 to 8 years old and 9 to 12 years old is free and not limited



Time Barriers and Timed Maximum


TimeThe maximum time for the 34 km trail is from 6:30 to 30:00 with hourly barriers from 3:00 to 12 km, from 3:35 to 15,5 km, 4:20 to 20 km, 5:20 to 27 km and 5:40 to 30 km. 7 km / h or 8'30 to km)The maximum time measured for the 27 km trail is 5 hours with the hourly barriers of 2 hours at km 12 and 3 hours 40 minutes at km 22. (6 km / h or 10 minutes per km)The maximum time measured for the 18 km trail is 4 hours with the hourly barriers of 2 hours at km 12 and 2h30 at km 15. (6 km / h or 10 'per km)The maximum time for the 13 km trail (individual race, relay race and Walking Trail) is 5 hours (3 km / h or 20 'per km)Any competitor passing beyond these time limits will automatically be excluded and must return his bib to the post. He has the right to continue his career but will do so under his own and exclusive responsibility, without being able to count on first aid and complete autonomy.







is recommended to all runners to bring a headlamp / pocket in case of power failure when crossing the tunnel a kilometer long.It is recommended to the runners participating in the 27 km trails to bring:a food reserve;a reserve of water or a sweet drink (beware of extreme heat)It is recommended to the runners participating in the trail of 34 km to bring:a food reserve;a reserve of water or a sweet drink (beware of extreme heat)a mobile phone in working order (plugged in)




Abandonment and disqualification


Except in the case of injury, riders are required not to leave anywhere other than at a checkpoint (refueling points and, on the 27km course, the two crossing points on the Thionville road at kms 14.5 and 18, 6). It is then necessary to inform the person in charge of post, which permanently invalidates the bib. At checkpoints drop-out participants receive inbound transport within the hourly barriers.In the event of injury, immediately notify the nearest course station. The post manager will be responsible for contacting first aid.




On the course of 27 km and on the course of 34 km runners who pass after the time barriers will be disqualified and invited to return to the edge of the shuttle. The course posts have the obligation to remove the bib.For the 13 km course: the last participant must have passed the "Mudam" post no later than 5.30 pm.




Any form of cheating will be sanctioned by disqualification. Checks will be made at several places on the course.Reasons for disqualification:                                                                                                                                                                                                 non-respect of the course                                                                                                                                                     non-respect of nature                                                                                                                                                           non-compliance with the Highway Code                                                                                                                             non-compliance with police officer directives



Shuttles return 


Shuttle buses will run continuously between 11 am and 5:30 pm






Claims must be submitted no later than 6 pm on the day of the race.The test jury consists of:of the race director:of 3 people chosen for their skills.The jury is entitled to decide within the time limit compatible with the requirements of the race on all the claims made during the race. The decisions are final.




Changes to the route or time barriers


In case of bad weather conditions, the race organizer reserves the right to modify the course and / or to extend the time barriers.In case of storm the organizer reserves the right to cancel the races. In this case the participants are not entitled to compensation.




Changing rooms and showers


Marquees will be available to runners at the place of departure / arrival to put their bags and personal items. It is strongly recommended not to put valuables in it. The organization declines all responsibility in case of loss or theft.The marquees will be kept for the duration of the races.It is possible to take a shower at the "Badanstalt" Baths of the Center, located at 12, rue des Bains in Luxembourg City (more or less 250 m from the start and the finish). A shuttle bus will make a continuous round-trip arrival-Badanstalt between 13:30 and 18:00.






Each runner runs under his own exclusive responsibility and must ensure that he is in good physical condition.The minor children participate under the exclusive responsibility of the parents!




Right to the image


By participating in the DKV-Urban Trail, each participant expressly authorizes Urban Trail de Luxembourg a.s.b.l. and Have movies to use or have used or reproduced or caused to be reproducedhis name, his image, his voice and his sports performance for any exploitationdirectly or in a form derived from the test and this, on any support, inthe world, by all means known or unknown to date, and for allthe term of protection currently granted to these direct or indirect holdingslegislative or regulatory provisions, judicial decisionsand / or arbitrators of any country and by international conventionspresent or future, including for any extensions that might bebe brought to this length.





Dog Trail




Is considered to be the legitimate owner of a dog, the one whose nameas such on the identification card.He is obliged to ensure that the animal belonging to him is in conformitywith the legislation in force according to its category, and must be able toto justify it.The participant is civilly responsible for the damages caused by the animal.Owners are advised to ensure that they are well covered by aliability insurance for damages that could commit their dog.




harness or collar (It will have to be adapted to the morphology of the dog.should also be comfortable so as not to hurt the dog.)  leash or lanyard with shock absorber up to 2 meters in extensionis obligatory. Only the 2 meter long lanyard is allowed betweenpoint of attachment of the dog's harness and that of the participant, it isthe only link between the dog and the walker, excludingany other mechanical or electrical device.The following are prohibited: the choke collar, the training collar (called electrical) and theclaw necklace.




Only one rule, that of the well-being and pleasure of the participant and the dog before any otherthing.Every participant must adopt in all circumstances, a behavior worthy ofthe ethics he claims. He is committed by the mere fact of his membership to maintainconstantly a particular sporting spirit, taking into account the responsibilityvis-à-vis the canine species and the respect that is due to him.




Appropriate bags will be given to the participants before the start of the event.Participants commit to picking up dog droppings and throwing them intothe bins that will be installed along the route.






The information you provide is necessary for your participationat the DKV-Urban Trail (registration). They are subject to computer processingand are intended for the secretariat of Urban Trail de Luxembourg a.s.b.l.In accordance with the regulation no 2016/679 of May 24, 2016 relating to data processing,files and liberties, you have a right of access and rectificationpersonal data concerning you. If you want to exercise thisright and get disclosure of information about you, please address to :                                                                                                                                                            

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Sport Online



Consent for the production of photo graphs by the official Photo service.

An integral part of the event is the production of photos and photos Vidéos by Sport Online     

(owner: Wolfgang Nass, Hintergasse 8, 67125Dannstadt-Schauerheim, phone: 0171-4110095            


The participant has the opportunity after the end of the event via the website  Purchase photos and the target video from his run. Due to the Conditions during the run can not be guaranteed thatPhotos or the video of each participant are available.The participant declares his participation in the event Consent to create and store the photos and videos and to Publication of these photos and videos on

This also includes a forwarding of the image and video data Third party (computer center, quality control, etc.)

for purposes of Quotation and order ful fillment. The pictures and videos can beon by entering the start number of Everymanbe viewed and purchased.The participant can post the publication of his photos and vdieos contradict at any time. One is enough corresponding message to stating the Events and the start number of the participant. It can not do this, howeverbe completely ruled out that the participant concerned also on another picture or video is scanned

(for example because the starting numberwas not recognizable in these pictures). Unless Sport online the respective picture numbers are completely communicated, the Publication of these pictures are locked.

The data processing is permissible according to Art. 6 par. 1 a) and b) DSGVO. Access to the pictures and videos will be 24 months after the end of Event locked and no later than 36 months after the end of Event, the images are deleted from the web server.