This year, the DKV Urban Trail supports the Télévie association by paying him € 1.00 per registration.


Télévie is a solidarity operation that began more than 27 years ago. Today, thousands of volunteers give their time and energy to this operation, some of them have supported it since its inception. This is how Télévie was born, and came into the memory of the Belgians.
In 1989, RTL's management wanted to give a societal responsibility to the channel and use its strengths and its direct link with viewers to mobilize them.
An intention that materializes quickly when Jean-Pierre de Launoit, Arsene Burny and Jean-Charles De Keyser understand, one morning, the essential need to advance knowledge towards the cure of childhood leukemia.
It only took one breakfast ... and Télévie was born.


Who we are

Aide à l’Enfance de l’Ind et du Népal (AEIN) is a non-profit organization run by three staff and twenty volunteers involved in several working groups (projects, awareness, communication) and the board.


Since 1967, AEIN is supporting development projects in India and since 1997, we extended our support to projects in Nepal. AEIN is also carrying out awareness raising activities in Luxembourg.


Recognised as a registered non-governmental organization, AEIN has its programmes co-financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg based on a “framework agreement” of cooperation. With an annual budget of more than €1.3 million, AEIN currently supports more than 20 projects in India and Nepal. Thanks to the Luxembourgish Ministry, donations to AEIN are multiplied by four!!


Our objectives

·       Contribute to the construction of a fairer society in India and Nepal

·       Lobbying for fairer relations between countries of the North and countries of the South


Areas of intervention

·       Education / vocational training

·       Health

·       Ecology /agriculture

·       Income

·       Rights

Targeted beneficiaries

·       Children /youth

·       Women

·       Dalits

·       Tribals

·       Farmers

Our activities

In India and Nepal: AEIN acts primarily as a support NGO, raising private and public funds to finance projects and programs designed and implemented in India and Nepal by local partner organizations.


In Luxembourg: Through our various awareness and development education activities, we aim at conveying a more balanced picture of Indian and Nepalese realities, focusing in particular on the impact of our Western lifestyle and economy on the countries of the South.

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